It is time to MAKE A SHIFT!

IT’S TIME TO MAKE A SHIFT Have you ever felt like life had more to offer than you were experiencing? Maybe you have found yourself stuck Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually or Relationally. Are you wondering how to jump-start your life with fresh power, energy and enthusiasm? Then “The 5 Shifts” is just for you!

Discover a new focus and new possibilities as we follow the transition from Moses who led the nation of Israel to the Great Redemption, to Joshua who would lead them to the Great Possession… the Possession of the Promised Land.

You will discover the Biblical principles to possess your promised land as you:

  • Live EMPTY
  • Speak LIFE
  • Lead with GRACE
  • Be a LIFTER
  • Keep Moving FOWARD

It is time to MAKE A SHIFT. If you find yourself ready to regain direction and momentum, this book is for you!