Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Anger's Remedy: TRUST

I was reminded by a random e-mail that some how found its way to my inbox this morning of the most basic principle of life:  TRUST (Proverbs 3:5-6).  It is the first lesson learned in life as we are born.  Truly, we have no other choice.  As humans, we can't walk, talk, feed or clean ourselves.  We trust our parent or caregiver for every aspect of life.  Most other species are unlike us in this manner.

For instance, a colt is born and within moments is walking and soon running.  When fish are born, no one has to teach them to swim.  In fact, the only animal that seems completely dependent upon their parent is the bird.  They can't fly, most can't walk, and are completely reliant upon their parent to bring them their food (even to regurgitate it).

So what does all this have to with anger, you may be asking yourself.  Let me explain... as we examined in my last blog, Where Anger Begins, anger has much of its source in Fear.  When our perceived "needs" or desired expectations go unmet or unsatisfied, anger arises.  Early on we learn to TRUST PEOPLE to meet our needs, provide protection, and make us feel good about ourselves.  When they let us down, we often times respond in anger, fearing those needs/expectations will not get met.  Are we asking them to provide something they were never mean to provide?

While the lesson of TRUST is vitally important, it is often misplaced.  Some get so frustrated with others, that the only person they trust is SELF.  Self becomes the trusted source for protection, provision, and peace.  Of course SELF can provide appropriate boundaries for protection, can take responsibility to work hard to provide, and can choose peace over angst.  What SELF can't do is control life or foresee circumstances.  SELF has a short-coming, it can't give what it does have. Giving an honest look at SELF, we must conclude with the prophet Jeremiah who wrote, "The human heart is the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked.  Who really knows how bad it is?" (17:9).  

So if TRUST in others and self is misplaced, where do we turn.  To the only One who is truly trust-worthy... the Lord, our God.  Why Him?
  • ONLY GOD knows the end from the beginning
  • ONLY GOD knows the purpose of your life
  • ONLY GOD can provide a way of escape
  • ONLY GOD can be the source of your strength
  • ONLY GOD knows what you have need of
  • ONLY GOD knows the depth of your pain
  • ONLY GOD knows how to heal the heart
  • ONLY GOD is All knowing, All present, & All powerful
  • and ONLY GOD gave his Son as a sacrifice to redeem you back for His own.  
  • ONLY GOD!!!
Perhaps that's why birds also have to fully trust their parents at the youngest of age.  We both are designed to go through life, TRUSTING WHAT WE DO NOT SEE!  The baby bird must soon leap from its nest, trusting the wind beneath its wings.  The good news for the bird, the wind is always there. We too are designed to TRUST God whom we cannot see, to do what we cannot do. The good news for us... He's always there and HE IS TRUSTWORTHY.