Monday, September 26, 2011

Not Chosen by Talent

So much of television's most popular shows have revolved around the family. Show like the classic “Cosby Show”, to “Everyone Loves Raymond”, dating back to “My 3-Sons”. Each of these shows became very well known because so often when we watched them, we saw ourselves. Actually those TV families are our families with “EXTRA”. They are extra funny, extra rich, extra drama, etc... Family and relationships are simply where we live. Therefore, it is no wonder when God began creation, he started with the family. And when He wanted to build a nation for His purposes, he used a family. However, the family He chose was quite unconventional. He chose an elderly couple with no children, in the hot-bed of idolatry, who had little to no influence on the culture of their day And yet, this is what God has chosen. His screenplay called for a couple to launch a new nation, one that would impact the entire world. As he would say, a nation through whom “all the nations of the earth would be blessed” (Genesis 12:1-3). Abram and Sarai stand there, adorned perhaps by dusty old robes and crowned with wispy white hair and loosely fitting skin and as befuddled as anyone else. God chose them to begin a nation. An unlikely pair, especially after factoring in the fact that Sarai was barren. How could God expect to start a nation with a woman who could not bear children? To complicate the story line, it will be 25 more years before they actually have their child of promise. By that time Abram and Sarai will be 100 years old and 90 years old, respectively (and their names will be changed to Abraham and Sarah). Perhaps Social Security checks will help this special couple decorate the baby’s tent and they’ll be able take naps when the baby does. And the rest, as they say, is history. His story. God picks people you and I wouldn’t necessarily select to take part in his story. In fact sometimes we are shocked who plays the starring roles in his stories. Unlike the way we do business, he taps people, not merely because of their abilities, but for their availability. God searches for people who are open to be used by him. Since he uses only those who are willing to be used for his purposes, there is no doubt that it is he who is doing the wonder-working. Let there be no doubt, throughout history God is the one making things happen. That’s good news, isn’t it? In the business world, you may not have a great pedigree. In academics, you may not be a Rhodes Scholar. You may not have a lot of money and you may have average looks. But you may be sitting in a pretty good position to be a top pick for God’s work. Are you Available?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

God’s Great Passion is to Be with Us! (Gen. 1-8)

Recently, the Disney movie “Lion King” came back to theaters. Like any good movie, it grabs your attention early with the moving scene of Simba's father, Mufasa, dying trying to save his young cub. From the opening scene kids (and the parents who will admit it) are captivated by the story.
Although we didn't go see this movie again in theaters since we already own it (btw, it brought in $30 million+), when I do go to movies, I like to get there early with candy in hand, find the prime real-estate and I don't move until the very end. My kids know, go to the bathroom before, cause dad is not moving. That’s where you need to be for God’s story. Its opening scene also starts with a relentless pace that doesn’t let up. The first line reads, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1). This is the “big-bang” of God's opening scene. Right off the bat we find the main character in the story is not you or me. It’s God. And the rest of The Story will unfold out of the nature and person of this character. Just ten words in and there is enough action to leave you breathless. It doesn’t take long to find out what God’s great passion is. Birds? Nope. Animals? Not quite. Sun, moon or stars? Bright guess. No, in Genesis 3:8 we find that God is walking in the Garden with Adam and Eve in the “cool of the day.” Sounds nice if you are in a hot, humid climate, doesn’t it? And yet the “cool of the day” is not the focus. God is, and he is near. He is right with Adam and Eve. And he is right here with us. His simple vision for his creation was to spend time with them every day, to take a walk with them. God’s supreme passion is to be with us. Some of you have lived your life with the idea that God is some angry cosmic kill-joy who sits in the heavens and watches you, waiting for you to make a mistake so he can zap you. Or, you feel he is distant and doesn’t care or has simply forgotten you. But from the beginning he has shown us this is not the case. He wants to be with you. He has not forgotten you. In fact, this might be the perfect time for you to go for a walk. God's Great Passion is the BE WITH US!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Beware Church

This little piece of satire came across my desk recently and thought it worth sharing, hopefully for a smile!

Latest news reports are that five terrorist cell groups have been operating in many of our churches.. They have been identified as: Bin Sleepin, Bin Arguin, Bin Fightin, Bin Complainin, and Bin Missin.
Their leader, Lucifer Bin Workin, trained these groups to destroy the Body of Christ. The plan is to come into the church disguised as Christians and to work within the church to discourage, disrupt, and destroy..
However, there have been reports of a sixth group. A tiny cell known by the name Bin Prayin is actually the only effective counter terrorism force in the church.. Unlike other terrorist cells, the Bin Prayin team does not blend in with whoever and whatever comes along.
Bin Prayin does whatever is needed to uplift and encourage the Body of Christ. We have noticed that the Bin Prayin cell group has different characteristics than the others. They have Bin Watchin, Bin Waitin, Bin Fastin, and Bin Longin for their Master, Jesus Christ to return.
(However, you can spot them if you bin lookin and bin goin.)