Thursday, June 19, 2008

Silence & TIME-OUTS

Silence can be deafening... so I've heard. But when you're a parent silence is nirvana. To those of you who do read this blog, sorry I've been so silent. My promise to you... if I don't have anything to say I won't waist your time :).

Silence can be such a useful tool God blesses us with when we know how to use it. While we are not meant to live in silence, it can enrich our lives, our relationships and our families in ways one may not thought possible. Of course the men out there are shouting a big AMEN & and I told you so... and the women are thinking, I think silence is way over rates (sorry for the stereotype).

Silence is not necessarily the lack of conversation or to cessation of noise. Silence is "Taking Time Out from the normal demands and affairs of life for the purpose of either refocusing, reenergizing or relaxing." I like to call Silence with a Purpose, taking a TIME OUT.Sorry Super Nanny, no naughty chair here. This could be TIME OUT with God (prayer), TIME OUT with your spouse or self, & even TIME OUT with one or more of your kids.

Two weeks ago, Rene and I took a TIME OUT. Some friends of our had given us the keys to their vacation house and offered its use to us. "Thanks, mom" who made it possible for us to retreat without the kids. We purposefully didn't plan a large agenda for our trip (got us both nervous). We rested, we ate & we had fun together. Imagine that, after 14 years of marriage and four kids, we actually had fun together. Is that even allowed?!? BTW, for you overprotective parents, I think our kids enjoyed the time away from us even more than we did.

Time-Outs are a part of the natural cycle of living. Jesus took Time-Outs with His Father in prayer. He took Time-Outs with His disciples. Peter was taking a Time-Out when he received the vision on his roof about unclean food & Gentiles. The Apostle Paul took a Time-Out for 3-years following his converstion to prepare and learn form the Lord. Time-Outs are not a luxury, they are a necessity! They silence all the noise so we can hear what is most important.

Anyway, this summer TAKE A TIME-OUT. Don't get so lost in the hustle & bustle that you forget to enjoy the life God has given you. REMEMBER: Life will not silence itself, you must silence life.