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Monday, August 18, 2014

Dreams & Visions

God moves and works through our lives, and in a major way He activate His will through Dreams & Visions.  They are "God Thoughts" placed in your heart. So what has God placed in your heart?  What dreams and plans lay dormant inside you longing to be released. 

These visions are God's pictures of a preferable future.  They answer questions, solve problems, and bring God's grace and healing. Don't let them die or be drowned by the mundane.  

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

5 Ideas to End the Summer Well

You don't have to spend lots of money in order to make lots of memories.  The summer is designed to be enjoyed with and around your family.  To maximize the last few weeks before school, here are 5 ideas we've enjoyed:

1. BBQ with the Kids Help:  kids love to help with chores they're normally not allowed to assist.  As you you prep the food this year, let your kids put their hands in the ground beef and mix it.  If they're old enough, let them do the actual grill work with your oversight.  
2. BonFire:  What kid (as well as adult) doesn't like playing with fire.  Get some marsh-mellows and cook them on the open flame.  There is a pyromaniac in all of us :)
3. Ride Your Bike Together:  Especially if you ride it someplace else rather than your house.  Take them to a trail and you'll have a blast.
4. Date Your Kids:  If you have multiple kids like we do, they absolutely love to have one on one time.  It could be for breakfast/lunch or just out to Starbucks or Sweet Frog frozen yogurt.
5. Stay Up Late One Night:  Something that never changes from generation to generation is kids love to stay up late. Depending on your kid(s) interest... you could watch the starts, watch a movie series (Rocky, Star Wars, Black Stallion, or Toy Story.

As parents, we have a lot to teach our kids.  One thing our kids can teach us is how to enjoy and laugh at life.  Having Summer fun together does both.  ENJOY!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


This summer we have been studying the life of Moses and his relationship to the God of Israel.  This week we begin to see a turning point in chapter 7 & 8.  So you think care of Moses begin to grow to a point where God can use it.  For the 80 years prior Moses had remain stuck and frustrated wanting to fulfill God's will but never see me to make progress.

It is only as Moses ego, aspirations, self will, castle-building building, and pride in his miracles fall & Die that God is able to use him as the deliverer is Israel.  

It is hardly possible to over estimate the value of simple, unquestioning obedience in the growth of character and God's operation through our lives.  

Are you weary of a wavering, halfhearted walk with Christ? Are you willing to bring your life to his powerful searchlight? Are you willing to trust him without reservation, no matter what? Are you finally determined to do God's will, God's way?

If that's your decision, I must warn you: the path for you will be costly – more than you can ever imagine right now. But shunning that path will be more costly still.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Foreign Tragedies Hit the Assemblies of God

The below information was recently sent from the Assemblies of God Headquarters in Springfield, Missouri.  The tragedies you've been hearing on the news have personally affected our brothers and sisters in different Assemblies of God ministries abroad.  Below is what was reported.


Over the last few days, Assemblies of God personnel have made several reports of AG families being caught in harm's way and tragedy resulting.

Late last week, AG workers in the Middle East reported two young brothers from the Lighthouse School in Gaza were killed when a missile from an F-16 jet fighter hit their home.

In Iraq, increasing chaos surrounds believers as a militant group known as the Islamic State (previously known as ISIS) tightens its grip in and around the city of Mosul. All Christians have been ordered to leave the city (leaving all of their property behind) or be executed.

Reports are that many fleeing families were stopped at checkpoints and stripped of money and personal possessions. It is believed most Christian families have now fled Mosul.

Then, over the weekend, Dutch officials released the names of passengers from the Netherlands who were aboard the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, which was reportedly shot down over the Ukraine, with no survivors.

Among the passengers were Arnoud Huizen, his wife, and their 2-year-old daughter. Arnoud was a former student at Azusa Theological Seminary in Amsterdam. He worked with Chi Alpha at Free University in Amsterdam and did an internship with Teen Challenge. 

Tim Southerland, area director of Northwestern Europe, states, "Arnoud was a diligent student who loved the Lord. His death is a great loss to the Dutch Assemblies of God and also among the missionary family who knew and loved him."

Two women from AG churches in Indonesia were also killed.  
"Our hearts go out to families and individuals who are suffering in the collateral damage of the civil conflicts taking place throughout the world," says AG General Superintendent George O. Wood. "These trying times afford a challenge to the church of Jesus Christ to offer comfort to the suffering and convey the compassion, love and message of Christ wherever we can."

To read the AG World Missions full report, see

Monday, June 16, 2014

5 Decisions No Dad Regrets

As a father of 4 I have made my share of mistakes and blunders. I've over-reacted to issues not that important, and under-responded when I was distracted or overwhelmed with other pressing issues.  Yet, there have been 5 decisions that I've never regretted that I'd pass on to you this week following Father's Day. 

  1. My Wife Comes First:  This is where many couples go wrong, they choose their kids before each other.  While this may seem like a valiant and even sacrificial response, the problem with putting your marriage on the back-burner is it eventually dries up.  Although I forget the source, I recall reading early in our parenting journey, "The best thing you can do for your kids is love their mother."  I've never forgotten this and tried my best to fulfill it. 
  2. Go to Their Events:  This is a high priority for me as a dad.  Nothing tells a kid they are valuable like attending their events (sporting, concert, drama, etc...).  When you attend, don't criticize (even constructively), just enjoy being immersed in their world.  I know they're boring and sometimes painful, but it is not about the event, it's about you valuing your child's world.  In the exceptions when you can't, make sure you explain to your son or daughter the circumstances.  I have found my kids to always be more than understanding.  
  3. Have Fun Together:  The older your children get, the harder this becomes.  In their teenage years the peer group becomes more important to your kids.  This is a fact of life and must be accepted and encouraged.  However, find ways and times to have fun together.  Sometimes it begins with complaining (perhaps often), but shared experiences provide a foundation for your relationship.  Honestly, this one you have to work hard at, but is worth it. 
  4. Spend Time Individually:  This one my kids seem to fight over.  It could be going to the store for mile, or coming early to the church for a service or event.  Believe it or not, your kids actually like you.  Time alone reminds them why.  
  5. Pray With and Over Your Kids:  First let me say you don't have to be super spiritual about it and you don't have to make it into a grand event.  It might be in the morning before they go to the bus stop, or in the evening before they go to bed, for others who have dinner together this would be the best time.  Bottom line, I've never met a dad who regrets having prayed with their kids too much, but have met MANY dads who wished they had led their children spiritual, but missed their chance.  
Dad, your rule matters more than you'll ever realize.  It takes strength, perseverance, and a tender confidence to be a dad. Keep up the good work.  We are in it for life!